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Modern Technology House was established in 2006, where it started marketing Al-Ameen accounting and warehouse System under the Windows system. It has been distributed commercially within Muscat and the other cities of the Sultanate. It was one of the first accounting software that works under Windows and works on computer networks to reach the Sultanate of Oman market. Then, Modern Technology House began developing a version that suits the requirements of Omani companies, such as dealing with PDC checks, enhancing multi-currency support, in addition to developing program reports, facilitating and developing the rest of the operations in it, and adding the possibility of designing special types of invoices and bonds. The distribution of that copy began in Muscat, then in Sohar, Nizwa, Sur, then Salalah, Jalan and most of the Oman's cities. The program has spread within the Sultanate of Oman, so that it has become the most powerful accounting program in terms of spread, quality, support, and speed of development, in addition to its comprehensiveness and speed. Modern Technology House is still developing its skills at an accelerating pace to keep pace with the development of the requirements of commercial and industrial work in the Sultanate of Oman.


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