Modern Technology House provides a distinguished set of programs, for the benefit of its customers

AlAmeen for Distribution

Sales and Distribution

Establish your targets and routs, supervise your salespersons and track their performance. And us a state of the art salesperson daily account settlement.

  • The ability to create special offers according to the following dimensions:
  • The ability to group clients according to their gender (Key Accounts, Modern trade, grocery, etc.), the ability to specify sub channels for each of these genders (Hotels, Restaurants, etc.), and the ability to classify clients according to their purchasing power (A, B, C, etc.) in order to assign the quantities that might be sold to them from each group of material which will facilitate the targets build.
  • The ability to assign certain volume discounts on a certain group of SKU to a certain group of clients to a certain area during certain period, and this discount might be linked to a volume incentive rebate contracts.
  • The ability to make a quick settlement of the representative daily accounting, then are matched against final settlement in order to assure the accounting accuracy of sales invoices data against goods sold.
  • The ability to track competitor’s availability on shelf during the representative’s visit, and to track how our merchandises are displayed in each outlet (Shelf, coolers, display pallets, etc.).
  • The ability to assign barcode for each client, and assure that the representative cannot make any activity on the pocket PC or smart device before the client’s barcode is scanned.
  • The ability to assign routs and routs coverage periods (to assure systematic frequent visits) taking on consideration vacancies and holidays.
  • Record the merchandising activities done by the representative (rearrange shelf, Shelf FIFO, hanging posters, etc.).
  • The ability to join sales commission to a points that are not solely based on sales volumes or sales revenues (active visits, marketing activities, etc.).
  • The ability to utilize Al-Ameen android smart device system for recording sales & distribution transactions and transport them to A-Ameen distribution.
  • Ability to utilize Al-Ameen pocket PC for recording sales & distribution transactions and transport them to Al-Ameen distribution.
  • The ability to specify the causes of inactive sales visits, and what are the actions made in the outlet to consider the visit as active.

    •  Clients genders.
    •  Period of time.
    •  Certain representative or group of distribution.
    •  Certain budget per representative or group of distribution.
    • Certain volume or revenues of total invoice or certain SKU or group of SKUs.
    • The ability to establish a clients’ survey questionnaire, and to process a statistics according to these questioners along with efficient and easy-to-grasp statistics reports.